Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mace Night Defender

 This is a very simple and affordable item. It's a good choice for those who for various reasons, want to avoid "gun-shaped things." The Mace Night Defender has the shape and handling characteristics of the common thumb-actuated pepper spray canister but adds a bright LED light above the spray emitter. I like that for much of the same reasons I like the LED on the pepper gun. The Night Defender can be palmed and carried without causing a general stampede and brought into use quickly. Flipping up the thumb trigger cover activates the light. Good deal on a good tool from a great company. It offers an18 foot range without being too large and bulky.


  1. This is a brilliant idea, I would definitely consider getting one. The only problem I can see is that at 18ft, the spray will have dropped significantly below the LED aiming point so you would have to aim over the head of the attacker. Unless it has some sort of laser rangefinder in it to measure the distance to the attacker and aim the LED accordingly???

  2. At 18ft, the stream has opened up a touch like a spread from an un-choked shotgun. You can also hold down the thumb trigger a bit longer and have a generous stream instead of a short burst. At SD range, it stays inside the expected envelope. Not something to take to the Canadian Army Trophy, but it might do better than the Challenger 1.